This photo never fails to blow me away. Photographers often say that after spending years shooting the same subject matter there will always be one shot that stands out from all the others – well for me this is that shot.

There are some other great shots in the collection including the one featuring drivers Monds and Feltham fighting to win a corner at Nyora - click here (not sure who came out ahead?).  BUT...nothing rivals this shot from Nagambie.

My brother and I would think it was a good day at the track if there were a few 'roll-overs'...and it didn’t even cross our minds that the drivers probably weren’t too fond of them. My father managed to shoot some great examples of cars rolling over end on end – but what makes this shot stand out is that it isn’t a crash, it’s a racing shot. My brother and I remember Nagambie for its gutsy racing and this is a pretty clear piece of evidence that winning at Nagambie was no easy feat.

The following image is a scan of a print as there are still more negatives to go through and I am sure this will be among them. So excuse the quality of this scan - but I think it's enough to whet the appetite.

When I asked my father about it he said, ‘I saw him leave the track, I just wasn’t sure where he would pop up again’. 

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