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A little while ago I started reminiscing about the good times my brother and I had visiting speedway tracks across Victoria with my parents who ran a small business selling speedway photos.  My father spent his time in the middle of the track shooting the images and my mother sold them from a bright red Bedford van.

I started rummaging through my father's collection of negatives and after scanning a few of them I couldn't stop......

From the archive of Holger Schult, speedwaygold.com is a vast collection of over 15,000 Australian speedway images from the 70's and 80's.

While digital photography gives us the ability to produce abundant imagery, it often stops us from pausing to truly appreciate a great photo as we did in the days of film cameras. This site tries to bring back some of those moments. 

Being a perfectionist my father initially objected to the idea of putting the poorer shots on line. My thinking was that some visitors may be eager to see a shot of their uncle, aunt, parents or grandparents...or even themselves wrestling their car around one of these tracks – and for them a bad shot is better than no shot at all. Given some visitors to this site will be taking a trip down memory lane when they look through this collection, I decided it was important to upload all the images.

I took a few shots myself, but they're usually the blurry ones you will skip past pretty quickly - whereas my father could pull a lens into focus while framing a car rolling over and over - and all the while with the motor-drive firing at 6 frames per second. With his talent there are quite a few amazing shots to enjoy when you browse through this collection.

Hope you enjoy the site and please feel free to add comments to the shots or to the bottom of this page. You can also share the shots with friends by clicking the share icon below each photo. The entire collection of scans are now on line - over 16,000 of them so take your time. Images can now be purchased for non-commercial use, see the "Sale & Commercial" page for more info.  We expect to unearth some more negatives and will upload these in time. Unfortunately, they are not in chronological order. And lastly a special thanks to my brother Rodney for filing most of the images and my mother for spending hours looking for all the negatives.   Patrick.

patrick@speedwaygold.com (email contact)

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